Your Editing Partner

Est. 2018

What’s in it for you?

You are a wedding and/or portrait photographer. You are here because editing and post production consumes most of your time in your business. You are feeling stressed, overloaded, anxious about keeping up with the pace, fending off irritated clients and you are finally realizing that the enormous amount of time required for excellent post-production of your work is simply holding you back.

You know now that if you continue to try to do it all yourself, you will never be able to successfully grow and scale your photography into a real business. Maybe you have tried outsourcing before, and grown frustrated with unkept promises, declining standards, and found yourself paying for a service only to find yourself redoing all the work you just paid to have done.

We feel your pain, because we have been there too.

Sarah and her team of carefully trained editors will become an extension of your photography studio, raising your standards, delighting your clients and giving you – finally – the time and space to seriously grow your business and become more profitable.  We program the editing schedule to fit YOUR needs and those of your clients.

Once we have fully learned your style and workflow, you can hand over your culling, editing, retouching and album design – as much or as little as you please.

Every business mentor’s mantra to business owners large and small is to “spend your time working on the business, not in it”. If you are ready to start working smarter and not harder, contact Sarah for a free consultation by clicking the button below.

About Sarah

British-born Sarah Edmunds has been a portrait, commercial and wedding photographer for nearly a decade, specialising in luxury weddings and fine art portraiture, with occasional forays into fashion and advertising.

She is WPPI Master and Judge, SWPP Fellow, Judge and regular speaker, and was named SWPP Fashion Photographer of the Year 2019, Avant Garde Photographer of the Year 2019, Maternity Photographer of the Year 2020 and Advertising Photographer of the Year 2020. In 2020 she received Overall Advertising Award First Place at the 2020 SWPP International Print Competition and the WPPI Grand Award for Creative Portrait online.

Her work in wedding, fashion and portrait photography has been featured online and in printed publications around the world, and her commercial and advertising photography on billboards and magazine covers.

Sarah is an Ambassador for Graphistudio and Godox partner. She has provided live photography and retouching instruction from Graphistudio’s Ceconi Castle as part of The Photography Show, is a regular speaker for Hahnemuhle, who has exhibited her work in New York and Las Vegas, and provides live seminars for Godox Photo Equipment Ltd.

Now the retouching and editing partner of professional photographers around the world, she provides services ranging from custom wedding raw processing to print competition fine art retouching (with several first place winners).