How it works

Thanks to Lightroom's Smart Previews, this is really easy. You don't actually have to send all the high resolution raw files... just the catalog with the "smart previews". We will make the adjustments, you import them back into your own catalog and hey presto, the adjustments are applied to your high resolution raw files. When we have our on boarding call, we will explain to you exactly how to do this and walk you through it you need it.

During our initial consultation, we will discuss who will be handling your work, whether it will be Sarah personally or one of her staff, working under her supervision.

Fine art, competition and wall-art edits/retouches are carried out by Sarah personally.

As a photographer, Sarah has her my own style, sure, but as editors, we work to replicate your tastes and style, and that is why we have an onboarding call and process to ensure we are fully integrated with your studio, and are able to consistently give you the finished product you and your clients need. Our mission is for you to be able to relax and get on with marketing, shooting, and serving your clients, secure in the knowledge that your editing partner will deliver the goods, every time.

No. Every image is edited one by one, using manual adjustments and never auto functions (except sometimes auto white balance, which often gives a great starting point for further tweaking).

Communicate! Our goal is for you to receive the highest quality work and best results for your clients. With good communication we can always resolve the problem and keep our work together on course.

We work closely with wedding and portrait photography studios and schedule their weddings into our calendar, so we can provide a fast turnaround time. We aim to get a full wedding catalogue back to you within 7 working days, and will always endeavor to meet any special deadlines. Rush orders can be requested for a small surcharge.

Payment is in advance, by credit card online or bank transfer, as you prefer.

Yes, just contact us and we'll set up a Skype call to discuss how many weddings, time scales, turnaround requirements and a great value plan that allows you to spread your payments across the year at a lower per-wedding cost.

As long our work schedule allows, we can do a 1-2 day turnaround for a 25% surcharge. Contact us asap to define terms and get started.