Clear your backlog today

Are you dreading a winter spent in front of the computers, frantically trying to clear the accumulating backlog of thousands of wedding images to cull, edit and retouch? If you hate this side of wedding photography, be smart: pass it on to someone who LOVES it. That would be me, and that’s why I created

I am an award-winning professional wedding & portrait photographer with nearly a decade’s experience. Believe it or not, I enjoy editing as much as I love shooting, and my workflow is now so streamlined that I have decided to partner with select  photographer colleagues to ease their editing burden, employing expert editors chosen and trained by me, personally. Are you ready to clear your backlog and get your life back?

By working solely with a handful of professional studios, I can program the editing schedule to fit YOUR needs and those of your clients. I will schedule your weddings and portrait sessions into my calendar alongside my own, so I can plan to turnaround your Lightroom catalogue super fast – so you can overdeliver and delight your clients, exceeding their expectations and increasing the value of your brand

I provide two levels of editing: volume Lightroom work (primarily weddings and high-volume portrait studios), and high-end retouching for portraits and commercial work.

Before After wedding Lightroom editing- beforewedding Lightroom editing - after

Let me take this off your hands...

I can do all of the below, or just some of it. You decide.


Selecting the best images from the day is not for the uninitiated. As a professional wedding photographer myself, I know which pictures should be discarded and which ones kept. I don’t just pick randomly from a set of similar images… I carefully select the best composition, emotion, and storytelling elements to make the entire wedding set the strongest it can be.



Once I have culled, or if you have sent an already culled Lightroom catalog to me, I will proceed to adjust your images using Lightroom’s smart previews: exposure, contrast, shadows and highlights, noise reduction, sharpening and light straightening and cropping. The end result will be a finished, polished full set of wedding images that you can preview online via my synced Creative Cloud Lightroom gallery. Once you are happy, I will send the catalog back to you.

ALBUM DESIGN and/OR retouching

For a truly polished printed product, you can take the next step, and retouch your album before printing. I can retouch just the jpegs you have chosen for your album and you create the final layout, or I can create an entire storyboard album for you from your selection of favourites. Once I have created the layout and you have approved it online, I will carefully retouch each image and prepare the album spreads for optimum printing quality.